In Australia un interessante progetto multisport

Sportybots is fun and interactive and teaches children about fair play while introducing them to a variety of sports.

Sportybots helps children from a young age start to develop a healthy and active lifestyle that they will carry into adult life and pass on to future generations.

The programs assist in developing strong Gross Motor Skills which are the essential building blocks for many life skills. Children will enhance their skills in throwing, catching, skipping, running, hopping, hand-eye co-ordination, eye-foot co-ordination, hitting an object (bat and ball) and balance.

icon_sports-recWe allow children to develop at their own pace by gradually building on the skills learnt the previous week and provide revision of skills to enhance further understanding and skill development. Equipment used throughout the program is safe and is modified specifically for use by young children.

Programs also aid in number, colour and pattern recognition. Sportybots enhances their readiness for school by teaching about fair play, taking turns and following instructions.

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